Apple Cyber Monday 2019: AirPods Pro, iPad, iPhone, New MacBook Pro Deals – Forbes

Apple has officially confirmed its Cyber Monday deals. So what can you expect to save buying from Apple and its biggest retailer partners? Heres everything you need to know about Apples Cyber Monday sales and the best deals you can buy on AirPods, iPhones, iP… [+15954 How To Make Red Tea Detox Recipe]

Stray bullet strikes Baby Shark doll inches from sleeping Wisconsin toddler – NBC News

A stray bullet narrowly missed a sleeping Wisconsin toddler and instead struck the youngster’s stuffed Baby Shark doll, authorities said Friday. Investigators recovered 45 shell casings from a firefight in Madison on Sunday night, police Lt. John Radovan tol… [+1782 AHolidayReunion]

Undersea Fiber-Optic Cables Make Superb Seismic Network – SciTechDaily

The Monterey Accelerated Research System (MARS) cabled observatory, a node for science instruments on the ocean floor 891 meters (2,923 feet) below the surface of Monterey Bay, is connected to shore by a 52-kilometer (32-mile) undersea cable that carries data… [+7129 AHolidayReunion]

NASA’s giant ‘Super Guppy’ plane delivers the agency’s spacecraft to Ohio – The Verge

The Orion capsule will now go through a round of tests Transporting a large space capsule around Earth can be a daunting process, but NASA has its own various equipment for such jobs one of which is a very big plane with a very big belly. Known as the Super … [+1725 ZeroGravityDubai]

Huawei MatePad Pro announced with top-end specs to rival the iPad Pro – TechRadar

It can sometimes seem like Apple is the only brand taking tablets seriously, but Huawei has just demonstrated that this isn’t the case, as it has announced the Huawei MatePad Pro, a tablet which looks set to live up to its ‘pro’ name. The core specs include … [+1680 trump]

Vascepa, A Prescription Fish Oil Pill, May Help Prevent Heart Disease : Shots – Health News – NPR

In November, an FDA panel recommended broader use of the prescription-strength fish oil drug Vascepa to prevent heart attack, stroke and other life-threatening health problems. Amarin/AP It’s long been known that eating fish, especially cold-water fish such… [+4777 nato]